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Home Recording > General Discussions > Analog Only
Tascam M-3500 refurbishment
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Tascam M-3500 refurbishment
Today I started to clean up and fix my M-3500 console. I'll post here what I did and what problems got in my way.
First of all the console seems to work fine. It needs a thorough cleaning (on the outside and the inside) and some of
the pots and faders are crackling a little. That crackling goes away after moving the fader/pot a little. The shaft of the
Control Rook Solo Volume Pot is broken (and it's plastic) so the pot needs replacing. I'm sure I'll get it through a local
dealer or at least through Teac support.
So, I thought I should have a look at the power supply first and clean it up. It's not 100% perfect but it's ok for me.
I'll settle for 90% Have a look below or click on the images to find more detailed before/after shots.
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