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Seite 1 - DCC NO. 91710015011

M3700 Pure SIP Gateway User Manual Version: 11.0 Firmware: 1.10 Update: 2006/05/12 DCC NO. 91710015011

Seite 2

It support SIP standard and can register to SIP Proxy. If wireless LAN connection keeps, the Phone can make calls in certain range without wiring.

Seite 3 - Contents

M3700 user manual 3. Package Contents The M3700 Gateway X 1 Power Core X 1 Accessories for fixing support X 1 (For 3708/3716) System CD-RO

Seite 4

4.2 Rear Panel There is a button on the rear panel of gateway for special maintenance. Please don’t touch this button under normal operation. M3716

Seite 5

M3700 user manual M3702A Rear Panel M3702B Rear Panel 4.3 LED Indicators LED Label Description On Link up Off Link down LNK/ACT Flash Sending/Rece

Seite 6

4.4 Connectors Ports Label Description FXS Connects to a telephone set or fax machine Voice Ports FXO Connects to the phone line LAN/Internet RJ-45

Seite 7

M3700 user manual If Console cable is not available, run Telnet in PC for connection is OK. 4.5 IDC Connectors (Only for 3708/3716) IDC connector i

Seite 8

5. Information required before Installation You need to prepare the following information before installing the gateway. 5.1 IP Address The gateway r

Seite 9 - 2. Preface

M3700 user manual 5.2 SIP Information Before configuring SIP, the M3700 requires SIP information for operation. The following table helps you to decid

Seite 10 - 2.1.2 SIP Servers

2. Configure IP address of gateway. 3. Enter into the WEB page. 4. Plan and configure the channels into SIP entity. (if needs. By default, all cha

Seite 11 - 4. Panel Descriptions

M3700 user manual 6.1.2 System console settings (Only 3704/3708/3716) The Instructions below is to set Region ID from Console terminal or Telnet (Fo

Seite 13 - 4.3 LED Indicators

6.2.1 Static IP Mode The following table shows an example. IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Web

Seite 14 - 4.4 Connectors

M3700 user manual 6.2.2 DHCP Mode 1. Connect the unit to a suitable Power source. 2. Connect a traditional phone set to the “FXS” connector located

Seite 15

can find them at section 12.4 Mapping table of characters used in PPPoE. Example user name:83721@hinet.net,Password:123ab,The procedure is below 1.

Seite 16 - 5.1 IP Address

M3700 user manual 3. When the CPU/ACT light is on, pick up the phone. You should hear the dialing tone. 4. ##0000 ; you should hear three short

Seite 17 - 5.2 SIP Information

After you have completed the PC’s IP address setting, you will be required to restart the PC in order for the new settings to take effect. Step 3:

Seite 18 - 6.1.1 Phone Setting

M3700 user manual Upon entering the web based configuration interface. Click on “IP SETTING” at the top of the page and you will see the page

Seite 19 - 6.2 IP Address Settings

Web Folder: BASIC\ 56Click the “Apply” button to apply any changes. At this stage, your unit should be able to use PPPoE to access the Internet. H

Seite 20 - 6.2.1 Static IP Mode

M3700 user manual 7. SIP Configuration M3700 not only can make regular PSTN calls, it also can communicate with IP Phones or Soft-Phones by using SIP

Seite 21

7.1 Channels and SIP entity Many Channels can be assigned as one SIP Entity. Single Channel also can be assign as one SIP Entity. Application exam

Seite 22

M3700 user manual Notice: Each channel must belong to a SIP entity. 7.2 SIP Proxy and Registrar Parameters You need to configure IP address or D

Seite 23

M3700 user manual Contents 1. Safety Instructions... 7 2. Preface...

Seite 24

7.3 SIP Entity SIP service provider will assign one or more SIP accounts for you when you apply for the service. In standard, the SIP account is call

Seite 25

M3700 user manual "Realm" is a kind of verification for SIP Outbound Authentication. If SIP service provider does not provides this informat

Seite 26

2. If no useable free STUN Server available, for most of ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider), their Outbound Proxy Server supports Media Rela

Seite 27 - 7. SIP Configuration

M3700 user manual 7.6 Check SIP entity Status You can use the WEB page to check the SIP entity is registered successful or unsuccessful. WEB Page: A

Seite 28 - 7.1 Channels and SIP entity

Configuration WEB page: PHONEBOOK \ 7.7.2 Hotline Function A new Hotline function is added for M3700 Firmware Version 1.07 or above When hotline fu

Seite 29

M3700 user manual Hotline mapping table Channel (FXS) only Index Number Description 1st FXS channel 1 Index number “1” maps the 1st FXS channel 2n

Seite 30 - 7.3 SIP Entity

Index Public Address Port Via Proxy Description 1 01@ 5060 No Channel 1 Hotline to 01@ without proxy 2 73797@fwd.pulver.co

Seite 31

M3700 user manual 7.8 Make SIP Calls After you have configured the SIP phone on the SIP phone book, you can easily make SIP calls. You can select on

Seite 32

7.9 Make Inbound Transit Call To make an inbound transit call from PSTN to SIP, you have to enable Auto Answer function of this gateway Ple

Seite 33 - 7.7 Phone Book

M3700 user manual Dial Inbound Transit Call when Auto Answer is configured as Enable w/ PIN code This Auto Answer mode provides security control for

Seite 34 - 7.7.2 Hotline Function

8.1 Dialing Plan...38 8.1.1 Dialing Method...

Seite 35

Making SIP calls without proxy server: The SIP protocol allows you to make SIP calls directly to the destination number without through the proxy s

Seite 36

M3700 user manual Dialing Plan Entry "X" means all calls will be sent to SIP proxy, if the SIP call is fail, it is disconnected. Onl

Seite 37 - 7.8 Make SIP Calls

Transparent (with Digitmap) Web Folder: ADVANCED\DIALING PLAN Then you are able to use the transparent function with digitmap. Transparent means all

Seite 38

M3700 user manual previous digit + # or 8 are send to proxy server without waiting dial ending time *2XX Number that match * +2 + any digit + any d

Seite 39

Country Code + Area Code + Phone No., and then sent to proxy, and prefix phone number 0204 is forbidden. Pattern Rewrite X means any digits. ! means

Seite 40 - 8. Other Parameters

M3700 user manual  If Auto Answer function is enabled, Incoming PSTN call dials "*" to seize a free FXS port after second dial tone. The c

Seite 41

1. Web folder: “Channel” Enable T.38 Fax Relay support. Configure it to Yes 2. Warm-Restart the system Note: For FAX transmission, two gateways w

Seite 42

M3700 user manual VOICE port Select VOICE port only From the lowest port number upward FAX port Select FAX port only From the lowest port number u

Seite 43

 C will hear busy tone when C call to D if there is one line in call waiting status for A. Configuration Enable the Call Waiting function of th

Seite 44 - 8.2 Call Forward

M3700 user manual 8.7 Target the Media (RTP) For the SIP call passing through NAT, it is possible that the media would not deliver properly; owing to

Seite 45 - 8.4 FAX

M3700 user manual Change History: Software Version 1.10 Incoming call to FXO can be forwarded Incoming call can be forward to other SIP destination. P

Seite 46


Seite 47 - 8.6 Call Waiting

M3700 user manual 9.1 BASIC / GENERAL Category Section Description Default Setting Region ID Display region ID.(Read only) 0 Software Version D

Seite 48

Time Source Select the time server to synchronize the time of this gateway ♦ Registrar: Get the time data from the Registrar Server. ♦ NTP Server

Seite 49 - 8.7 Target the Media (RTP)

M3700 user manual 9.2 IP SETTING Category Section Description Default Setting IP State The way to obtain IP address: Manual: Entered by user (Sta


Change To Enter the IP address that will be used after next restart, Including: IP Address Subnet Mask Address Default Gateway (This item is used on

Seite 51 - 9.1 BASIC / GENERAL

M3700 user manual 9.3 ADVANCED / GENERAL Category Section Description Default Setting Flash Button Flash Time System confirmed “Flash” time. 200

Seite 52

Time long to end the dialing number if a ‘#’ digit is missing. 1-10 (seconds) T.38 Fax Relay Redundancy Number of times to retry T.38 Fax protocol.

Seite 53 - 9.2 IP SETTING

M3700 user manual 9.4 SIP COMMON Section Item Field Description Default Port and Header Port The control port number of SIP protocol. 5060 55 DCC

Seite 54

Section Item Field Description Default Header Form Select ‘Standard’ or ‘Compact’ to be the header format of SIP packet. When Compact is selected, t

Seite 55 - 9.3 ADVANCED / GENERAL

M3700 user manual Section Item Field Description Default G.723.1: Mark the selection to Enable G.723.1 Codec Enable PCMU: Mark the selection to

Seite 56

of 2833 DTMF for Codec-723 Change default value of RFC 2833 DTMF Default value of RFC 2833 DTMF is changed from Disable to Negotiate Change History

Seite 57 - 9.4 SIP COMMON

Section Item Field Description Default Address Enter SIP phone number of the port. The phone number general assigned by SIP service provider. Empty

Seite 58 - Standard

M3700 user manual Section Item Field Description Default Entity Show ‘+ ‘ means the SIP entity is for the channel. Empty 9.5 SIP OUTBOUND AUTHENTIC

Seite 59

Section Item Field Description Default Update Entry Enter the information of outbound authentication Entity: Select an entity. Realm: Domain name

Seite 60

M3700 user manual Section Item Field Description Default Maximum Maximum number of entries allowed (Read Only) 20 Entered Number of entries of a

Seite 61

9.7 DIALING PLAN Section Item Field Description Default Dialing Method Control Dialing Plan: Use dialing plan rule Transparent: All number dial

Seite 62

M3700 user manual Section Item Field Description Default Entered Number of entries of authentication entered. (Read Only) 1 Display the entries

Seite 63

9.8 FILE TEMPLATE File template is the text data of your customized configuration. You can keep it for backup purpose. Configure other M3700 with th

Seite 64 - 9.7 DIALING PLAN

M3700 user manual This content of this file can be modified, then upload the file to Gateway. If there is lots of data need to create or modify, use

Seite 65

Codecs-Selection = "1111" # (G729:1000,G723:100,G711U:10,G711A:1) Codec-Priority = 0 #(0~23) (refer to webpage) Hotline-Control = 0 # (0

Seite 66 - 9.8 FILE TEMPLATE

M3700 user manual [SIP-INBOUND-INFO] Realm = "realm.com" [SIP-INBOUND-AUTH] # format: (entity username password), entity 0 for all 0 &

Seite 67

M3700 user manual generated automatically Add SIP-based T.38 protocol Standard SIP-based T.38 is applied. T.38 Proprietary is not retained Add Route c

Seite 68

Out-Proxy-Status = 1 # (0/1, Disable/Enable) Web Path: ADVANCED\SIP COMMON Out-Proxy-Port = 5060 Web Path: ADVANCED\SIP COMMON Registrar-Domain =

Seite 69

M3700 user manual For the sequence of selection, please refer to web page. Hotline-Control = 0 # (0/1, Disable/Enable) Web Path: PHONEBOOK RTP-Base

Seite 70

Default-Account-User = "username" Web Path: ADVANCED\SIP COMMON Default-Account-PASS = "password" Web Path: ADVANCED\SIP C

Seite 71

M3700 user manual Auto-Answer = 0 # (0/1/2, Disable/Enable/Enable w/Pincode) Web Path: Channel Call-Waiting = 0 # (0/1, Disable/Enable) Web Pat

Seite 72

[SIP-INBOUND-AUTH] # format: (entity username password), entity 0 for all Configuration of SIP Inbound Authentication 1 "Lester" "

Seite 73

M3700 user manual Proxy(0/1, No/Yes) [TELEPHONY] Configuration of Telephony DIAL-END-TIME = 4 # (1~10) (refer to webpage) WEB Folder: ADVANCED\GE

Seite 74

Group Field Description Default Value Warning Time This gateway will send warning tone periodically to check if the line is still alive. If calli

Seite 75 - 9.9 INBOUND TRANSIT

M3700 user manual 9.10 STUN Section Item Field Description Default STUN Server Control Enable or Disable STUN Server service. Disable NAT WA

Seite 76 - Default Value

Section Item Field Description Default Maximum Maximum number of entries allowed (Read Only) 5 Entered Number of entries of STUN server that hav

Seite 77 - 9.10 STUN

M3700 user manual 9.11 CHANNEL Category Section Description Default Setting Channel Channel number: 1 Information Channel Type Display port type.

Seite 78

New Auto Answer function for Inbound transit call to SIP Disable Auto Answer, Auto Answer without PIN code, Auto Answer with PIN code for inbound tra

Seite 79 - 9.11 CHANNEL

Channel Control For FXS port: Bothway: Can make and accept IP call and PSTN call from this channel Disable Disable all functions of this port. For

Seite 80

M3700 user manual Battery Reverse This mechanism will reverse the polarity promptly that help some PBX to identify the start and end of each call ON:

Seite 81

9.12 PHONE BOOK Section Item Field Description Default Apply to Hotline Control Enable or Disable the hotline function to M4600 SIP Line or ot

Seite 82 - 9.12 PHONE BOOK

M3700 user manual 10. Use Private IP (Behind NAT) Using a Private IP in a NAT Environment The unit is able to communicate with other units under a NA

Seite 83 - Use Private IP (Behind NAT)

11. File Management 11.1 File Types The naming convention to the file type of FONEM4496 is listed in the following table: File Name File Type D

Seite 84 - 11. File Management

M3700 user manual Software Update by FTP for File Type RUN and WEB 1. Execute FTP Client Software, e.g. CuteFTP Enter IP Address, User Name (default

Seite 85

3. Select the file with extension of .RUN and click button Upload and then Yes to overwrite. (Please notice that the file name must be same as the f

Seite 86 - .WEB). And repeat the

M3700 user manual 12. Appendix 12.1 Appendix A: Phone-Set Command Pick up the handset and listen for the dialing tone. Dial “##0000 and listen for th

Seite 87 - 12. Appendix

15 Change WEB Password 6 digits 16 Change FTP Password 6 digits 17 Register or De-register (quit) the SIP Entity registration 0: De-Register; 1: R

Seite 88

M3700 user manual 12.2 Appendix B: Console Command User Exec commands Enable Turn on privileged commands Exit Exit from the EXEC Help Descri

Seite 89

M3700 user manual 1. Safety Instructions WARNING 1. Do not attempt to service the product yourself. Any servicing of this product should be refer

Seite 90 - 12.3 Specifications

12.3 Specifications Voice Interface FXS interface Loop start, 2 wire Feeding Voltage: 20V Feeding Current: 30 mA FXO interface Loop start, 2 wire Co

Seite 91

M3700 user manual 12.4 Mapping table of characters used in PPPoE Character Digits to key-in Character Digits to key-in 0 30 X 58 1 31 Y 59 2 32 Z 5*

Seite 92 - 12.5 Region ID

V 56 W 57 12.5 Region ID Country Region ID Country Region ID Country Region ID Argentina 01 France 12 Singapore 36 Australia 02 German

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