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Seite 2

8Stage 2: Accessing Jongo Setup Manager1. On your setup device, start your web browser.2. Enter the following address: http://myjongo3. The Jongo S

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9Streaming from a compatible Pure productYou can also stream music and radio from selected Pure products compatible with the Jongo system. Just like u

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10Mono 360ºSelect this profile to activate all five speakers in Jongo. This option is ideal if placing Jongo in the middle of a room or table.Outdoor bo

Seite 5 - Contents

11Audio profiles available using a Jongo left stereo pairLeft outdoor boostSelect this profile to boost all five speakers in Jongo for outdoor use.Left s

Seite 6 - Introduction

12Using Jongo Setup ManagerIntroductionThe Jongo Setup Manager allows you to change various Jongo settings, such as changing the name of the Jongo spe

Seite 7 - Symbols on the rear display

13Advanced setupIf your wireless network is not broadcasting an SSID, you will need to configure your wireless settings manually.1. Press the Advan

Seite 8 - Power light states

14Connecting Jongo to your wireless network using Push Button ConfigurationYou can use Push Button Configuration to connect Jongo to your wireless netwo

Seite 9 - Getting started

15Using a ChargePAK F1ChargePAK F1 makes Jongo truly portable, so you can enjoy the programmes you love in the garden or at the beach.Because it’s rec

Seite 10 - Jongo Setup Manager

16Updating JongoSoftware updates may be issued in the future to provide new features and functions. If a software update is available, Jongo will auto

Seite 11 - Streaming audio to Jongo

PureFriedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Straße 2-1464589 Stockstadt am RheinDeutschlandsales_gmbh@pure.comhttp://support.pure.com/dePureImagination Technologies Lim

Seite 13 - Right stereo forward


Seite 14 - Using Jongo Setup Manager

Thank you for choosing Jongo S3. This manual will get you up and running in no time and explains how to make the most of your Jongo. We’re constantly

Seite 15 - Advanced setup

2Jongo Safety Instructions1. Read these instructions – All the safety and operating instructions should be read before this product is operated.2. K

Seite 16 - Appendix

3Contents4 Introduction4 Front panel controls5 Rear panel controls and connectors5 Symbols on the rear display6 Switching between Sleep, On and Of

Seite 17 - Using a ChargePAK F1

4IntroductionJongo S3 is a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth speaker that can be placed wherever you like thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery pack. Once connect

Seite 18 - Technical specifications

5Rear panel controls and connectorsWiFi9VRear LCD displaySee below for more information.Audio profile buttonPress to switch between audio profiles. See

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6Switching between Sleep, On and OffJongo has three power states, Sleep, On and Off. In Sleep, Jongo remains connected to the wireless network and wai

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71. Position Jongo in range of your wireless network.2. Insert the connector of the mains power adapter into the socket on the rear of Jongo and p

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