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8Adding another Jongo to your Wi-FiIf you have already connected a Jongo to your Wi-Fi, follow the steps below to add another Jongo to your Wi-Fi.A.

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Suggestion for youRecent played2014 Anthems (Album...Ministry of Sound0:00/4:16Favourite stationsRecommendedmore music varietyPharrell rocks!Rediscove

Seite 4 - Safety instructions

10A. Open the Pure Connect app.B. Tap in the player bar to view a list of available speakers.C. Tap next to the Jongo that you want to stream t

Seite 5 - Power up Jongo

Suggestion for youRecent played2014 Anthems (Album...Ministry of Sound0:00/4:16Favourite stationsRecommendedmore music varietyPharrell rocks!Rediscove

Seite 6 - Connect Jongo to your hi-fi

12No Wi-Fi detectedThis message will appear if your mobile device is not connected to a Wi-Fi network. Check the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile device

Seite 7 - Download the Pure Connect app

13Green (steady): Jongo is ready to play your music or is already playing a track.Green (pulsing): Jongo is in Wi-Fi setup mode (you’ll see this when

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14Input connectors 5.5V DC power adaptor socket (110-230V supplied), USB for product upgrades and Ethernet connectivity (optional adapter avai

Seite 9 - Connect Jongo to your Wi-Fi

15Warranty informationImagination Technologies Limited warrants to the end user that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmansh

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16Pure Warranty Statement for AustraliaThis statement replaces any reference to warranty which may be contained elsewhere within this manual.What do y

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PureImagination Technologies LimitedHome Park EstateKings LangleyHerts, WD4 8LZUnited Kingdomwww.pure.comhttp://support.pure.comPure Australasia Pty L

Seite 12 - Playing music from other apps

http://www.pure.com/au/product-registration/Please register your product to receive the following benefits:• Notification of FREE product software upda

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Seite 14 - Troubleshooting

Thank you for choosing Jongo A2. This quick start guide will get you up and running in no time. If you need more help setting up your Jongo, you can a

Seite 15 - Need more help?

2Safety instructions1. Read these instructions – All the safety and operating instructions should be read before this product is operated.2. Keep th

Seite 16 - Technical specifications

3Connecting Jongo to your Wi-FiPower up JongoA. Insert the connector of the mains power adapter into the socket on the rear of Jongo and plug it into

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4Connect Jongo to your hi-fiLine out Digital optical outDigital coaxial outRL5.5V DCJongoA2CBAA. Digital coaxial out: Connect to digital coaxial (S PD

Seite 18 - How do you make your claim?

5Download the Pure Connect appIf you already have the Pure Connect app, check on the Apple App Store or Google Play to see that you have the latest ve

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6To make the most of your Jongo you really need to create a free Pure Connect account. You can create a Pure Connect account using your Facebook accou

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7Connect Jongo to your Wi-FiThe first time you sign in to the app, you will see an option to connect Jongo to your Wi-Fi. Simply tap Set up a Jongo and

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