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Seite 2

6Remote controlPureConnect - switches between standby and onAlphanumeric buttons for entering numbers or letters Subtitles - displays subtitles (if av

Seite 3 - Avalon 300R Connect

7Connecting your AvalonTo watch television programmes using Avalon, you need to connect Avalon to mains power, a television and an aerial. You can als

Seite 4 - Safety instructions

8Connecting to a separate sound systemYou can optionally connect Avalon to a separate stereo or surround sound system to enhance your audio experience

Seite 5 - Contents

9Switching on / standbyAvalon will enter standby mode when the mains supply is connected. In standby, the button on the front of Avalon is red. Aval

Seite 6 - Getting started

10The Home menuTo display the Home ( ) menu, press the Menu button on the remote control.Press the and buttons on the remote control to scroll th

Seite 7 - Setting up

11Freeview TV - Watch Freeview television. See “Watching Freeview TV” on page 13.Recorded - Watch programmes you have recorded. See “Instant Recording

Seite 8 - Rear connections

12Navigation and volumeMenu navigationNavigate using the following buttons on the remote control: Menu displays the Home ( ) menu moves

Seite 9

13Watching Freeview TVWhen you switch on Avalon from standby, Avalon will tune to the channel that was being viewed the last time Freeview TV was watc

Seite 10 - Remote control

14Better viewing alternativeIf you select a programme for which a better alternative is available, for example if you select a programme being shown o

Seite 11 - Connecting your Avalon

15To the left of each programme title, a symbol is displayed. This indicates the genre, or type of programme, as follows:Children FilmDrama LifestyleE

Seite 13 - Connecting to your network

16The channel listThe channel list provides a list of the available channels on the left hand side of the screen:Displaying the channel listTo display

Seite 14 - The Home menu

17Further informationIf you press the Info button while the channel list is displayed, the current programme names, times and durations are shown.

Seite 15

18The Electronic Programme GuideThe Electronic Program Guide (EPG) displays Freeview programme listings for the next 7 days. It can be used to view de

Seite 16 - Menu navigation

19Selecting a programme to watchThe programme you were watching when you opened the guide is displayed in the window in the lower-left corner of the g

Seite 17 - Changing channel

20Select Search to carry out the search and display the results. For example:Press the button to carry out another search.Note: You can schedule the

Seite 18 - Better viewing alternative

21Subtitles and audio optionsSubtitlesSubtitles can be displayed to assist viewers with impaired hearing.If a programme has subtitles available, will

Seite 19

22Recording overviewYou can instantly record a programme:• by using the One Touch Recording (OTR) facility• from the guide • from the search result

Seite 20 - Displaying the channel list

23The screen displays the current end time and duration of the recording. For example:You can change the end time on the screen using the and butt

Seite 21 - Further information

24Better recording alternativeIf you select a programme for which a better alternative is available, for example if you select a programme being shown

Seite 22 - Displaying the guide

25Scheduled RecordingsDisplaying a list of scheduled recordingsTo display a list of planned recordings that are already scheduled, either press the Sc

Seite 23

Thank you for choosing Avalon 300R Connect. This manual will get you up and running in no time, and explains how to make the most of your Avalon. We a

Seite 24

26Scheduling a new recordingTo schedule a new recording, press the green (New) button. You can either set up a recording schedule manually, by enterin

Seite 25 - Audio Description

27Note: If you are recording a film that spans the news, Avalon will detect this and automatically record both parts.The set up screen then closes, an

Seite 26 - Instant Recordings

28For example:Once you have finished setting up the recording, select Create. The set up screen then closes, and the new recording is added to the list

Seite 27

29Against each scheduled recording, a symbol is displayed: red indicates the recording failed green indicates the recording was successful yellow i

Seite 28 - Suggested recordings

30Listing your recordingsTo browse through the recordings you have made, press the Recorded button, or select Recordings from the Home ( ) menu, and

Seite 29 - Scheduled Recordings

31For multiple recordings, a preview and details of the first recording listed (which may depend on the selected sort order) are displayed. Choosing th

Seite 30 - Set up manually

32Viewing and changing recording detailsTo view and change the details of a recording and to edit the recording itself, select it and press the yellow

Seite 31 - Search by title

33Deleting a recordingTo delete a recording, select it and press the red (Delete) button. A message is then displayed, asking you to confirm that you w

Seite 32

34Editing a recordingYou can edit a recording to remove sections you do not require. Select the recording and press the blue (Edit video) button. The

Seite 33 - Delete a scheduled recording

35Using Pure ConnectPure Connect is your online gateway to a world of live internet radio, on-demand content (podcasts and listen again programmes) an

Seite 34 - Recordings

Safety instructions1. Read these instructions – All the safety and operating instructions should be read before this product is operated.2. Keep t

Seite 35 - Resuming watching recordings

36Use the and button to browse through the featured items and press OK to selected the item you wish to listen to.Live RadioA number of live inter

Seite 36

37Accessing On Demand servicesTo access BBC iPlayer or YouTube, press the On Demand button or select On Demand from the Home ( ) menu:Note: Avalon m

Seite 37 - Deleting a recording

38Watching BBC iPlayerYou use the remote control to navigate BBC iPlayer, however, the navigation controls are different to those of Avalon. For examp

Seite 38 - Editing a recording

39Selecting an HDMI device to viewAvalon offers four HDMI inputs to allow you to connect, and view, up to four external HDMI devices on your televisio

Seite 39 - Pure Connect

40Accessing external mediaAvalon allows you to view the media files stored on USB storage devices, attached to one of the USB sockets, and also on medi

Seite 40 - On-Demand

41Navigating and playing mediaAvalon will read the device and present a directory listing on the screen.The following symbols are used in the director

Seite 41 - On Demand

42Accessing the Settings menuTo access the Settings ( ) menu, press the yellow (Settings) button from the Home menu. The Settings menu is then displ

Seite 42 - Watching YouTube

43Setting language and time preferencesYou can specifiy your preferred languages for the audio description facility, subtitles facility and the broadca

Seite 43 - HDMI Devices

44Setting channel preferences and favouritesYou can manage your lists of favourite channels, tune the device (automatically and manually), select pref

Seite 44 - Accessing external media

45selected channel is then highlighted in red. For example:Use the and buttons to move the channel to the required position in the list and then

Seite 45 - Navigating and playing media

12 Getting started2 In the box3 Setting up4 Front panel and connections4 Rear connections6 Remote control7 Connecting your Avalon9 Switching o

Seite 46 - Advanced Settings

46Once the scan is complete, press the red (Apply) button to apply the results of the tuning scan.Manual tuningTo manually tune the device, select the

Seite 47

47Animation effect selectionTo select your preferred animtion effect, select the Animation effect option from the Channels menu. The Animation effects

Seite 48 - Managing favourites

48Connecting to a wired or wireless network (Wi-Fi)You can use the Networks screen to configure the connection to your local area network and the inter

Seite 49 - Automatic tuning

49Press the red (Apply) button.Avalon will attempt to connect to the network and if successful will change the status to ‘Connected’.Note: If you do n

Seite 50 - Region selection

50Setting display optionsYou can set the HDMI screen resolution and the analogue aspect ration of Avalon.To access the Video options screen, select Di

Seite 51 - Animation effect selection

51Setting hard drive and recording optionsYou can review the status of your hard disk and, if you need to, you can delete all the recording on the har

Seite 52 - Connecting to a wired network

52Setting parental controlsParental control allows you to lock channels at certain times of day, in order to restrict the viewing of other members of

Seite 53

53Accessing system facilitiesTo access the System menu, press the blue (System) button from the Home menu. The System menu is then displayed:Select th

Seite 54 - Setting audio options

54The standby button is off (i.e. not lit)Check the power cable is connected correctly and that the mains switch is on.The screen is blankCheck that t

Seite 55 - Deleting all recordings

55GlossaryThe following terms are used in this manual:1080p an HD television format that has 1080 vertical lines in a progressive scan1080i an HD te

Seite 56 - Setting parental controls

2Getting startedIn the boxHDMI cableOwner’s manual and Warranty cardPower adapterRemote controlandbatteriesAvalon 300R Connect

Seite 57 - System Facilities

56OperationNumber of tuners 2 x digital DVB-T/DVB-T2Frequency range 474MHz to 858MHzDisk storage 500MB or 1TBDisplay modes 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576

Seite 58

57CopyrightCopyright 2012 by Imagination Technologies Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied or distributed, transmit

Seite 61 - Disclaimer

PureImagination Technologies Ltd.Home Park EstateKings LangleyHerts, WD4 8LZUnited Kingdomhttp://support.pure.com103UZwww.pure.comconnect.pure.comwww.

Seite 62

312Unpack your Avalon 300R Connect and locate it close to your television, a spare mains socket and your aerial connection. Insert the batteries into

Seite 63

4Front panel and connectionsRear connectionsStandby - the standby button is used to switch Avalon between standby and on: Red - standby Green - onE

Seite 64

5 - the panel can be opened to access the front USB socket to allow a USB storage device to be connectedOutput - HDMI socket for connecting to a High

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