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Seite 1 - English 11

English 11 UB 10.0

Seite 2 - 2 UB 10.0

D8D91610 UB 10.0

Seite 3 - UB 10.0 3

ContentUPRIGHT BIKEWelcome to the world of Tunturi Fitness!Thank you for purchasing this piece of Tunturi equipment. Tunturi offers a wide rangeof pro

Seite 4 - 4 UB 10.0

▪ Only use the equipment in environments with adequate ventilation. Do not usethe equipment in draughty environments in order not to catch a cold.▪ On

Seite 5 - UB 10.0 5

▪ Remove the mains plug from the wall socket when the equipment is not in use,before assembly or disassembly and before cleaning and maintenance.Packa

Seite 6 - 6 UB 10.0

Assembly (fig. D)WARNING– Assemble the equipment in the given order.– Carry and move the equipment with at least two persons.CAUTION– Place the equipm

Seite 7 - UB 10.0 7

WARNING– Heart rate monitoring systems may be inaccurate. Over exercisemay result in serious injury or death. If you feel faint stop exercisingimmedia

Seite 8 - 8 UB 10.0

NOTE– Do not use a heart rate chest belt in combination with the handpulse sensors.– Always wear the heart rate chest belt under your clothes directly

Seite 9 - UB 10.0 9

Category Heart rate zone ExplanationBeginner 50-60% of maximum heartrateSuitable for beginners, weight-watchers,convalescents and persons who havenot

Seite 10 - 10 UB 10.0

Adjusting the vertical seat positionThe vertical seat position can be adjusted by setting the seat tube to the requiredposition. With the leg almost s

Seite 11 - Safety warnings

E2T - RoadProgramsT-RideT-MusicFitness Test614789101112136 TRAINING button 11 BACK/STOP button7 USER button 12 ZOOM button8 INTERNET button 13 KEYBOAR

Seite 12

2 UB 10.0

Seite 13 - Description (fig. A)

CAUTION– Keep the console away from direct sunlight.– Dry the surface of the console when it is covered with drops ofsweat.–Do not lean on the console

Seite 14 - Workouts

Explanation of buttonsButton ExplanationON/OFF Press the button to switch on the console. Press thebutton again to switch off the console.VOLUME +/- P

Seite 15

Button ExplanationDuring use: Touch the button again to pause thetraining (max. 4 minutes). Touch the button again tocontinue the training. Touch and

Seite 16

12. Move the slider to set the anaerobic heart rate. Touch SELECT to confirm.13. Move the slider to set the aerobic heart rate. Touch SELECT to confir

Seite 17 - Adjusting the support feet

5. Touch the BACK/STOP button to stop the workout.6. Touch EXIT to stop the workout. Touch SAVE AND EXIT to save and stop theworkout.MANUAL1. Touch th

Seite 18 - Console (fig. E)

10. Touch EXIT to stop the workout. Touch to SAVE AND EXIT to save and stop theworkout.WATT CONTROL1. Touch the TRAINING button to go to the training

Seite 19 - T - Road

02550751001251501752002250255075100125150175200225WattDurationP1 Rolling HillsWattDurationP2 Hill Climb02550751001251501752002250255075100125150175200

Seite 20

02550751001251501752002250255075100125150175200225WattDurationP7 Fatburner 2WattDurationP8 Cardio Climb02550751001251501752002250255075100125150175200

Seite 21 - Explanation of buttons

T-RIDE1. Touch the TRAINING button to go to the training menu.2. Scroll the list to select T-RIDE. Touch the menu item to confirm.3. Scroll the list t

Seite 22 - User menu

5. To stop the training session, press the BACK/STOP button. You can then stopthe session by selecting EXIT, save the session to the memory by selecti

Seite 23 - Training menu

A72 161398410531121111514UB 10.0 3

Seite 24 - TARGET HR

fitness level. The test continues until the test subject has achieved the individualtarget heart rate (85% of maximum heart rate). The test requires a

Seite 25 - PROGRAMS

7. The display informs you that you can stop the test once you reach the targetheart rate for the test. Start the test by pressing the selection dial.

Seite 26 - 26 UB 10.0

MEN / MAXIMAL OXYGEN UPTAKE(VO2MAX)1 = VERY POOR - 7 = EXCELLENT AGE 1 2 3 4 5 6 718-19 <33 33-38 39-44 45-51 52-57 58-63 > 6320-24 <32 32-

Seite 27

Cleaning and maintenanceDefects and malfunctionsDespite continuous quality control, defects and malfunctions caused by individualparts can occur in th

Seite 28

Technical dataParameter Unit ofmeasurementValueFlywheel/Rotating mass 9kg/16kgPower Output 440W/60RPMLength cminch10642Width cminch56.522Height cminch


10-2012 Tunturi Fitness BVP.O. Box 600011320 AA AlmereThe NetherlandsDisclaimer© 2012 Tunturi Fitness BVAll rights reserved. The product and the manu

Seite 30

Tunturi Fitness BVPO Box 600011320 AA Almere The Netherlands Tel: +31 36 5397102Fax:+31 36 5460055E-mail: Info@tunturi-fitness.comFor contact informat

Seite 31

B4 UB 10.0

Seite 32

CD0M5*15M8*20M8*16M819 (12x)17 (12x)16 (8x)M4*1020 (4x)18 (12x)100 CM100 CM100 CM100 CMENUB 10.0 5

Seite 33 - Transport and storage

D117191617181817191718186 UB 10.0

Seite 34 - Warranty

D2D3UB 10.0 7

Seite 35 - Disclaimer

D5D417191718188 UB 10.0

Seite 36

D6D7161620UB 10.0 9

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