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Seite 2 - Safety instructions

10Storing and selecting presetsThe numbered buttons and enable you to assign up to ten radio stations to presets for easy one-touch access. You can

Seite 3 - Contents

11When finished, press the menu button or wait a moment and you’ll return to your idle display mode. If your display mode is set to Clock you will see

Seite 4 - Introduction

12Recording from your TEMPUS-1You can record from your TEMPUS-1 using the Stereo Out or Digital Out sockets. You can also set a record timer to automa

Seite 5 - Overview diagrams

13Changing the display settingsYou can change the screen brightness and choose to switch the backlight on or off in standby mode using these settings.

Seite 6 - Quick start

14Remove the small plugs from the sockets and connect the Digital Out socket to the Digital-in socket on your amplifier or recorder using an optical c

Seite 7 - Using your TEMPUS-1

15Upgrading your softwareYou can upgrade the software in your TEMPUS-1 using a PC connected to the USB connection on the rear panel. To install an upg

Seite 8 - Changing stations

16Hints and tipsThis section provides information on advanced DAB features and offers advice which may help if you are having problems with your TEMPU

Seite 9

17TroubleshootingThis section gives some of the most likely solutions to problems you might have with your TEMPUS-1.I can’t hear the station I have se

Seite 10 - Setting alarms

18Improving receptionAlthough DAB is excellent at providing quality audio from very little signal, the quality can suffer if reception is poor. A numb

Seite 11 - Setting a sleep time

191. Telescopic aerial Optimise the position of your telescopic aerial by extending it as high as pos si ble and pointing it vertically. Use the tu

Seite 12 - Recording from your TEMPUS-1

CopyrightCopyright 2003 by Imagination Technologies Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied or distributed, transmitte

Seite 13 - Using the connectors

20Resetting your TEMPUS-1A option is provided to enable you to reset your unit. This removes all presets, stored stations, alarms, record timers and f

Seite 14 - Connecting to your PC

21AccessoriesPURE Digital supply a range of accessories and complementary products for your TEMPUS-1 including a matching ST-1 auxiliary speaker for s

Seite 15 - Upgrading your software

22Technical specificationsGeneral Stereo digital radio (stereo output requires optional auxiliary speaker, headphones or external amplifier) with fu

Seite 16 - Hints and tips

Please return your registration card to the following address to validate your warranty.PURE DigitalImagination Technologies Ltd.,Imagination House,Ho

Seite 17 - Troubleshooting

3ContentsIntroduction ...4Unpacking ...

Seite 18 - Improving reception

4IntroductionThank you for choosing the PURE TEMPUS-1 digital radio.TEMPUS-1 offers the same digital-quality, interference-free audio as EVOKE-1, the

Seite 19

5Overview diagrams Autotune button provides one-touch tuning Standby button switches between standby mode and power on Sleep button sets TEMPUS-1 to e

Seite 20 - Getting help

6Quick start This section provides information on how to set up and start using your TEMPUS-1.1 Fully extend the telescopic aerial, connect the

Seite 21 - Warranty information

7Using your TEMPUS-1Switching on and offBefore switching on, extend your aerial, connect the power adapter and check that the volume is turned down.Wh

Seite 22 - Technical specifications

8Changing stationsYou change stations using the Tune knob. If you have assigned stations to presets you can also select them by pushing the relevant n

Seite 23

9Changing the information displayedPress the Info button and repeat to cycle through the eight display modes. These modes affect what you see on the s

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