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OneFlow_V7-UKAus.indb 1 4/1/2014 5:56:23 PM

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8Internet listening via Pure ConnectPure Connect is an online media portal that provides you with quick and easy access to thousands of internet radio

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9Search for a stationPress Search when browsing the station list to search for stations by Name, Genre, Country, Language, Quality (sound quality), or

Seite 4 - Important safety instructions

10Music streamingPure Connect’s music streaming is a cloud-based on-demand subscription service that gives you instant access to millions of music tra

Seite 5 - Contents

11Streaming from the Pure Connect appDownloading the Pure Connect appYou can download the Pure Connect app on your smartphone or tablet from the Apple

Seite 6 - Getting started

12You can stream music stored on your computer or on a UPnP-compatible Network Attached Storage (NAS) device to One Flow. To stream music from your co

Seite 7 - Front panel controls

13Listening to digital or FM radioChanging digital stations1. Turn the Select dial left or right to browse through the list of available digital st

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14Setting alarms and timersOne Flow has two alarms and two types of timers (kitchen and sleep). To set an alarm or a timer up, press Options and selec

Seite 9 - Live from The Hive!

15Pure Connect settingsThese settings are only available when listening to Pure Connect. Press Options, then select Pure Connect settings.Clear favour

Seite 10 - Listening to Internet radio

16Display optionsAdjust display settings, such as screen duration and the information displayed while you are listening to each source. Press Options

Seite 11 - Arctic Blizzard

17Upgrading One FlowSoftware updates may be issued in the future to provide new features and functions We recommend using automatic software updates f

Seite 12 - Pure Connect tagging service

Pure Warranty Statement for AustraliaThis statement replaces any reference to warranty which may be contained elsewhere within this manual.What do you

Seite 13 - Connect app

18Using an optional ChargePAKChargePAK makes your Pure radio truly portable, so you can enjoy the programmes you love in the garden or at the beach.Be

Seite 14 - Seeking within a track

19Help and adviceI am having trouble connecting to my network• Your radio can’t connect to wireless networks that are access controlled, such as offi

Seite 15 - Listening to a preset

20Radio Digital, FM and Internet (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection).Frequencies DAB/DAB+/DMB-R/Parametric stereo decode up to 256 kbps. FM

Seite 16 - Setting alarms and timers

21CopyrightCopyright 2014 by Imagination Technologies Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied or distributed, transmit

Seite 17 - Options and settings

www.pure.comconnect.pure.comwww.facebook.com/pure105JZPure Australasia Pty LtdPO Box 5049 Wonga Park Victoria 3115 Australia sales.au@pure.com http://

Seite 18 - Changing the radio name

1Thank you for choosing One Flow. This wireless music and radio system brings a world of listening simply and easily within your reach. You can use it

Seite 19 - Network settings

2Important safety instructions1. Read these instructions – All the safety and operating instructions should be read before this product is operated.

Seite 20 - Using an optional ChargePAK

3Contents4 Getting started4 Quick start5 Front panel controls6 Side panel controls and connectors6 Switching between Sleep, Standby and On7 Scre

Seite 21 - Help and advice

4Extend the aerial and insert the connector of the supplied power adapter into the 5.5V DC input on the rear of One Flow. Plug the adapter into the po

Seite 22 - Specifications

5Front panel controls12453No. Control Description1 Home Press to return to the audio source screen.2 Volume dial Turn to adjust volume. Push to mute a

Seite 23 - Disclaimer

6Side panel controls and connectorsStandbyPress to switch One Flow between Sleep, Standby and On. See below for more information. Note: If One Flow is

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7Screen iconsBuzz FMPresets OptionsLive from The Hive!Source Icons*ChargePAK E1 sold separately.Source IconsDR Digital radio Volume levelPC

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