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Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Bedienungshandbuch nach Dockingstationen für mobile Geräte PURE Contour i1 Air herunter. PURE Contour i1 Air Owner`s manual Benutzerhandbuch

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10Preparing Contour to use AirPlay with an Ethernet cable1. Connect an Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port on the back of Contour to your router.

Seite 3 - Contents

11Using AirPlay to play audioIntroductionAirPlay allows you to stream audio from an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad to a single Contour. AirPlay also allow

Seite 4 - Getting started

12Playing audio from an iPod touch, iPhone or iPadOn your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, ensure you are connected to the same wireless network as the Con

Seite 5 - Controls and connectors

13Listening to a docked iPod/iPhone/iPadCompatibilityThe dock on Contour is compatible with most iPod, iPhone and iPad models. For the latest informat

Seite 6 - Front panel Status LED

14Using the auxiliary inputConnecting an auxiliary deviceConnect the line out or headphone socket of your auxiliary device to the Aux In socket on you

Seite 7 - AirPlay with Wi-Fi

15Using Contour Setup ManagerIntroductionContour features a Setup Manager. The Setup Manager allows you to change various Contour settings and view Co

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16ConnectionThe Connection tab is divided into two main sections, Contour Name Assignment and Wireless Setup.1. Select ‘Configure Manually’ from the

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17AdvancedThe Advanced tab is divided into two main sections, Proxy Server settings and IP address settings.Configuring Proxy Server settingsIf your n

Seite 10 - Preparing Contour to use

18StatusThe Status tab displays a summary of Contour’s software/hardware information and also displays information about the state of the wireless con

Seite 11 - Using AirPlay to play audio

19UpgradeThe Upgrade tab is only visible when you connect to Contour with an Ethernet cable. We recommend using automatic software updates for your Co

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Safety instructions1. Read these instructions – All the safety and operating instructions should be read before this product is operated.2. Keep t

Seite 13 - Listening to a docked iPod/

20Upgrading software manuallyManual software updatesWe recommend that you use automatic upgrades to obtain the latest software updates (see above). Ho

Seite 14 - Using the digital output

21Software upgrade using a directly connected PCIf an automatic or manual software upgrade failed and you have lost network connectivity, you can uplo

Seite 15 - Using Contour Setup Manager

22Updating software using Contour Setup Manager1. Click the Upgrade tab and then click the Upgrade button.2. The following dialogue box will appea

Seite 16 - Connection

236. The following window will appear, summarising the software update task. Click Upgrade to begin the software update.7. The following window wi

Seite 17 - Advanced

24HelpHints and tipsI cannot connect to my wireless networkEnsure that your Contour is within range of your wireless router and that you are not locat

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25SpecificationsDock compatibility Supports most iPod, iPhone and iPad models. For the latest information, check the compatibility table on our websi

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26Pure Warranty Statement for AustraliaThis statement replaces any reference to warranty which may be contained elsewhere within this manualWhat do yo

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www.pur e.com102YLEcoPlusContour 200i Air is a member of the Pure EcoPlus™ product family. All EcoPlus products are designed and manufactured to minim

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3ContentsGetting started ... 4Introduction ...

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4Getting startedIntroductionContour 200i Air can be used in a number of different ways:• As an AirPlay device for playing audio from iTunes on your c

Seite 24 - Hints and tips

5Controls and connectorsStandby Press to switch between Sleep, Standby and On. See page 6.MuteVolume downVolume upDC InConnector for supplied mains po

Seite 25 - Specifications

6Switching between Sleep, Standby and OnContour has three power modes, Standby, Sleep and On. In Standby, Contour uses minimal power (Status LED is br

Seite 26 - How do you make your claim?

71. Position Contour in range of your wireless network.2. Insert the connector of the mains power adapter into the socket on the rear of Contour.

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8Stage 2: Connecting your setup device to ContourIn the next setup stage you need to establish a temporary connection between your setup device and Co

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9Stage 4: Assigning Contour a unique nameIf you prefer, you can change the name that your network, iTunes and Apple device sees the Contour as. Carry

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