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Stöbern Sie online oder laden Sie Bedienungsanleitung nach Für das Auto Pure Highway H240Di herunter. Pure Highway H240Di User Manual Benutzerhandbuch

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Seite 2 - Safety information

10Logical format (File system):1. When writing MP3/WMA files to a CD-R disc or CD-RW disc, please select either “ISO9660 level 1, 2 or Joliet” or Ap

Seite 3 - IN TTOP RP T

11Searching for content on your iPod/iPhoneHighway lets you search for content using alphabetical letters. To search for content:1. Press the MEN

Seite 4 - Contents

12FM radio optionsLocal seekingYou can use the local seeking function so that Highway only tunes into radio stations with a strong signal.To enable or

Seite 5 - Getting started

13In any mode, press and hold the DISP button to enter the system setup menu. Press the or buttons to scroll through the options, and turn the

Seite 6 - Using your Highway

14Adjusting audio settingsPress the EQ button to enter equalizer setting mode. When you initially press EQ, the current EQ setting is displayed. Turn

Seite 7 - Listening to FM or MW radio

15Electrical connections Wiring DiagramFM/MW ANTENNARear Right Line-out(Red)SUB OUTFront Right Line-out (Red)Front Left Line-out (White)AB135724681357

Seite 8

16Installation guideInstallation notesPreparing to install HighwayHighway can be installed in any dashboard that has an opening matching the dimension

Seite 9 - Using the search function

17Installing the detachable panel1. Line up the groove on the right side of the face panel with the slot on the unit.2. Press down the left side o

Seite 10 - Connecting an iPod and iPhone

18TroubleshootingThe following checklist can help you solve any problems that you might encounter when using Highway. Before checking this list, check

Seite 11

19SpecificationsNote: Specifications and the design are subject to change without notice due to improvements in technology.GeneralPower supply: 12V DC (

Seite 12 - Setup options

2Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate Highway properly. After you have finished reading the instructions,

Seite 13 - General options

www.pure.comconnect.pure.comwww.facebook.com/purePure Australasia Pty LimitedPO Box 5049 Wonga Park Victoria 3115 Australia sales.au@pure.com http://s

Seite 14 - Adjusting audio settings

3Thank you for choosing Highway H240Di. This manual will get you up and running in no time, and explains how to make the most of your Highway H240Di.

Seite 15 - Appendix

4Warranty informationImagination Technologies Limited. warrants to the end user that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmansh

Seite 16 - Installation guide

5Front panel controls1. Press to eject disc.2. Power/Mute3. Toggle the audio source4. Sound effect setting5. RADIO mode (FM only): - Preset s

Seite 17 - Carrying out a factory reset

6Using your HighwayListening to digital radioSelecting digital radio as playing sourcePress DAB once, or Source repeatedly until ‘DAB’ is displayed on

Seite 18 - Troubleshooting

7Listening to FM or MW radioPress SOURCE repeatedly until ‘TUNER’ is displayed on the screen.Changing FM or MW stationsManual tuningPress the or

Seite 19 - Specifications

8Listening to a CD or USB driveHighway can play audio CDs and MP3 and WMA files that are stored on a CD or USB drive.Note: Highway cannot play AAC files

Seite 20

9Random play functionIf listening to an audio CD, you can use the random play function to play all the tracks on the CD in a random order.If listening

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