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Seite 1 - Owner’s Manual

Highway300DiOwner’s Manual

Seite 2

8Listening to Highway 300DiDepending on how your unit has been installed, there are three possible methods for hearing Highway 300Di through your car

Seite 3

9Listening to digital radioTo listen to digital radio, select the Digital radio source as described on page 8.Selecting stationsTurn the Select knob t

Seite 4 - Safety instructions

10Using presetsYou can save up to 30 of your favourite digital stations in a presets list for easy access. By default some of our favourite partner st

Seite 5 - Contents

11Connecting an iPod/iPhone/iPad/USB deviceConnect your iPod, iPhone, iPad* or USB device (MP3 player, mobile phone or USB memory stick) to Highway 30

Seite 6 - Introduction

12Shuffle and repeat optionsPress the button, select Settings and choose one of the following options:ShuffleFor Apple devices choose Tracks, Albums

Seite 7 - Controls and connectors

13Using aux-inConnect the line out or headphone socket of any audio device to Highway 300Di using an appropriate 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable plugged in

Seite 8 - Main unit

14Removing/fitting the controllerThe controller can be fitted and removed easily for security purposes. Your installation may also use a swivel bracket

Seite 9 - Getting started

15SettingsYou can view and adjust the following settings from any source:Backlight1. Press the button, select Settings > Backlight.2. Choose fr

Seite 10 - Digital radio

16LanguageYou can change the language Highway 300Di uses for displaying menus and options:1. Press the button, select Settings > Language.2. Tu

Seite 11 - Smooth Radi

17Resetting Highway 300Di1. Remove your Highway 300Di controller module from the mounting bracket.2. Press and hold down the and buttons on the

Seite 13 - Playlists

18Technical specificationsRadio DAB/DAB+/DMB-Radio depending on region. Dual digital radio tunersFrequency ranges Band III 174-240 MHz, L-Band 1452-

Seite 15 - Using aux-in

20Pure Warranty Statement for AustraliaThis statement replaces any reference to warranty which may be contained elsewhere within this manual.What do y

Seite 16 - Fitting the controller

Warranty informationImagination Technologies Ltd. warrants to the end user that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship in

Seite 17 - Settings

www.pure.comconnect.pure.comwww.facebook.com/purePure Australasia Pty LtdPO Box 5049 Wonga Park Victoria 3115 Australia sales.au@pure.com http://suppo

Seite 18 - Press SELECT to confirm

1Highway300DiThank you for choosing Highway 300Di. This manual will get you up and running in no time, and explains how to make the most of your Highw

Seite 19 - Resetting Highway 300Di

2Safety instructionsWarning Fit the unit and the antenna in a position that does not obscure the driver’s view.Fit the unit securely.Do not fit the uni

Seite 20 - Technical specifications

3Contents4 Introduction5 Controls and connectors7 Getting started9 Listening to digital radio11 Connecting an iPod/iPhone/iPad/USB device13 Using

Seite 21

4IntroductionThis manual provides instructions for using Highway 300Di. Highway is designed for professional installation and there are a number of di

Seite 22

5Controls and connectorsControllerPower/Home buttonPress to switch Highway on.Press again to cycle through available sources and settings.Press and ho

Seite 23 - Trademarks

6Main unitThe Highway 300Di main unit is usually installed out of sight, so you may only see cable extensions enabling you to connect to the Aux In an

Seite 24

7HighwayHighway 300Di Startup screenGetting startedSwitching on and offPress the button on top of the controller to switch Highway 300Di on.To switc

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