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Seite 1 - Installation Manual

Highway300DiInstallation Manual

Seite 2 - Safety instructions

8Spare partsSpares and accessories are available for Highway 300Di. To order a spare part or accessory from the UK, please e-mail: pure.tradesales@pur

Seite 4 - Kit list

103YSwww.pure.comconnect.pure.comwww.facebook.com/purePure Australasia Pty LtdPO Box 5049 Wonga Park Victoria 3115 Australia sales.au@pure.com http://

Seite 5 - Antenna positioning

Safety instructionsWarning Fit the unit and the antenna in a position that does not obscure the driver’s view.Fit the unit securely.Do not fit the unit

Seite 6 - Installation checklist

1Contents2 Kit list3 Considerations before starting4 Installation checklist6 Wiring diagram7 Fit cables and connections8 Installer settings8 Sp

Seite 7 - Hand over to the owner

2Kit listThe following items are included in the Highway 300Di kit as standard:•Highway 300Di Controller•Highway 300Di Main Unit•Highway 300Di Cont

Seite 8 - Wiring diagram

3Considerations before startingMinimum vehicle requirements•Fitted audio system including aux-in or FM antenna connection.•Standard 12V power system

Seite 9 - Fit cables and connections

4Installation checklistBefore installationReview car and existing audio installation and discuss options with customer: Decide on where to mount the m

Seite 10 - Installer settings

5After installation Check that Highway is functioning as expected. Once correct function of all connections has been checked, fasten connecto

Seite 11

6Wiring diagram246821436587135715263748USBPower InControllerLine OutAux InAntenna OutFM Antenna InDigital RadioAntenna InA Highway 300Di power connect

Seite 12

7Fit cables and connections1. Fit USB extension and aux in cablesRoute the USB extension (used for MP3/iPod connection) and aux-in cable form e.g. the

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