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Seite 1 - English 12

English 12 CF 4.0

Seite 2 - 2 CF 4.0

D9D1011 (8x)12 (4x)13 (6x)17 (4x)25 (2x)21 (2x)24 (8x)23 (8x)21 (2x)13 (2x)22 (2x)10 CF 4.0D9D1021 (2x)13 (2x)22 (2x)12 (4x)13 (6x)17 (4x)25 (2x)21 (2

Seite 3 - CF 4.0 3

D11D121513161215131216CF 4.0 11D11D1211 (8x)24 (8x)23 (8x)12 (2x)13 (2x)15 (2x)16 (2x)

Seite 4 - 4 CF 4.0

ContentCROSSTRAINERWelcome to the world of Tunturi Fitness!Thank you for purchasing this piece of Tunturi equipment. Tunturi offers a wide rangeof pro

Seite 5 - CF 4.0 5

▪ Only use the equipment in environments with adequate ventilation. Do not usethe equipment in draughty environments in order not to catch a cold.▪ On

Seite 6 - 6 CF 4.0

▪ Remove the mains plug from the wall socket when the equipment is not in use,before assembly or disassembly and before cleaning and maintenance.Packa

Seite 7 - CF 4.0 7

Fasteners (fig. C)11 Screw (M5*12) 20 Screw (M8*25)12 Ring (M8) 21 Screw (M8*25)13 Ring (M8) 22 Ring (M8)14 Ring (ø27)

Seite 8 - 8 CF 4.0

To reach and maintain a basic fitness level, exercise at least three times a week, 30minutes at a time. Increase the number of exercise sessions to im

Seite 9 - CF 4.0 9

WARNING– If you have a pacemaker, consult a physician before using a heartrate chest belt.CAUTION– If there are several heart rate measurement devices

Seite 10 - 10 CF 4.0

WARNING– Make sure that you do not exceed your maximum heart rate duringyour workout. If you belong to a risk group, consult a physician.Category Hear

Seite 11 - CF 4.0 11

ConsoleENCF 4.0 19

Seite 13

Explanation of the buttonsButton ExplanationUP Increase resistance level.Setting selection.DOWN Decrease resistance level.Setting selection.MODE Confi

Seite 14 - Description (fig. A)

Explanation of menu itemsButton ExplanationTIME Workout time displayed during exercise.Range 0:00 ~ 99:59SPEED Workout speed displayed during exercise

Seite 15 - Workouts

Power on1. Plug in power supply, computer will power on and display all segments on LCDfor 2 seconds.2. After 4 minutes without pedaling or pulse inpu

Seite 16

Beginner mode1. Press UP or DOWN to select workout program, choose Beginner mode andpress Mode to enter.2. Press UP or DOWN to preset TIME.3. Press ST

Seite 17

Watt mode1. Press UP or DOWN to select workout program, choose WATT and press Modeto enter.2. Press UP or DOWN to preset WATT target. (default: 120)3.

Seite 18 - Adjusting the support feet

NOTE- Once the console is connected to the tablet via Bluetooth, the consolewill power off.- For iOS system, please exit the i-Console app and turn of

Seite 19 - CF 4.0 19

Workout selection1. Press USER DATA SET to preset / edit / delete / select user.2. Press QUICK START to start workout in Manual mode.3. Press GUEST to

Seite 20 - Explanation of the buttons

1. Press USER DATA SET to preset / edit / delete / select user.i-Route1. After select user, the user may start workout with i-Route; PROGRAM; WATT;PRO

Seite 21 - Explanation of menu items

Manual setting1. Select MANUAL, preset TIME/ DIST/ CAL and press START button or BACK toreverse to previous setting.Program setting1. Select PROGRAM,

Seite 22 - Manual mode

i-Route settingENCF 4.0 29

Seite 23 - Sporty mode

A341853466627910CF 4.0 3

Seite 24 - Watt mode

1. Select i-Route, the user may select country and corresponding route.Watt setting1. Select WATT and preset watt and time to start workout.EN30 CF 4.

Seite 25 - Start up

Cardio setting1. Select CARDIO, and preset pulse and time to start workout.Stop workout1. Press Stop to stop the workout.ENCF 4.0 31

Seite 26 - User data set

2. The user may save the workout or start a new workout by pressing HomeWorkout summaryA workout summary is displayed at the end of the workout.EN32 C

Seite 27 - CF 4.0 27

Cleaning and maintenanceDefects and malfunctionsDespite continuous quality control, defects and malfunctions caused by individualparts can occur in

Seite 28 - Program setting

Technical dataParameter Unit ofmeasurementValueFlywheel/Rotating mass 7kg/35kgPower Output 260W/60RPMLength cminch17971Width cminch7128Height cminch16

Seite 29 - CF 4.0 29

10-2012 Tunturi Fitness BVP.O. Box 600011320 AA AlmereThe NetherlandsDisclaimer© 2012 Tunturi Fitness BVAll rights reserved. The product and the manu

Seite 30 - Watt setting

Tunturi Fitness BVPO Box 600011320 AA Almere The Netherlands Tel: +31 36 5397102Fax:+31 36 5460055E-mail: Info@tunturi-fitness.comFor contact informat

Seite 32 - Workout summary

CD0100 CM100 CM100 CM100 CM12 (26x)11 (10x) 13 (22x)M5*1221 (4x)17 (12x)16 (6x)M8*20M8M5*1519 (2x)M8*2520 (2x)M8*25M8*15M8*16*1.2 M815 (6x)22 (2x)23 (

Seite 33 - Transport and storage

D1D212 (4x)13 (4x)17 (4x)111112 (4x)13 (4x)17 (4x)6 CF 4.0

Seite 34 - Warranty

D3D415 (4x)12 (8x)16 (4x)CF 4.0 7

Seite 35 - Disclaimer

D5D618 (4x)13 (4x)27 (4x)12 (4x)8 CF 4.0

Seite 36

D7D819 (2x)20 (2x)26 (2x)14 (2x)CF 4.0 9

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