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Volume −
Volume +
Source Sleep Standby
Aux in
(iPod not included)
Owner’s manual
Printed on 100% recycled
paper using soya-based ink
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CHRONOS iDOCKInfoPresetAlarmMenuVolume −Volume +Select+Source Sleep StandbyAux in− Menu(iPod not included)Owner’s manualPrinted on 100% recycled paper

Seite 2 - Trademarks

8Setting alarmsChronos iDock has 4 alarms. When activated, an alarm either switches the radio on (if in standby) and tunes to a DAB or FM radio statio

Seite 3 - Contents

97. Select ‘Set volume’ and adjust the volume level for the alarm from 1 (very quiet) to 16 (very loud) using the +/− buttons and Select to confirm.T

Seite 4 - Icons on the display

10Using the sleep timerThe sleep timer switches your radio into standby after a number of minutes.To set/change the sleep timerPress the Sleep button

Seite 5

11Other options Display Press the Menu button and select ‘Display’. You can customise the display settings for both Active and Standby modes. The

Seite 6 - Quick set up

12AudioSet the Treble and Bass levels.Manual tuneShows DAB signal level, which can help you find the best position for your radio.1. Use the +/- butto

Seite 7 - Listening to DAB and FM

13The bass/treble on iPod tracks is too highCheck the bass and treble controls on the iPod, which will affect the sound from the Chronos iDock when p

Seite 8 - Docking and playing your iPod

Warranty informationImagination Technologies Ltd. warrants to the end user that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship in

Seite 9 - Selecting and playing tracks

www.pure.comPURE Digital - Vertrieb über:TELANOR AGUnterhaltungselektronikBachstrasse 424654 LostorfSCHWEIZ/SWITZERLAND +41 (0)62 285 95 85 +41 (0)6

Seite 10 - Setting alarms

Safety instructionsKeep the radio away from heat sources.Do not use the radio near water.Avoid objects or liquids getting into the radio.Do not remo

Seite 11 - To snooze an alarm

Disposal of Waste Electrical & Electronic EquipmentThis symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product should not be treate

Seite 12 - Changing your radio setup

2Overview of the controls and connectorsStandbyMenuRemote9V DC Underneathx 7TopInfo Preset Alarm Menu Volume − Volume + Select + Source Sleep StandbyA

Seite 13 - Other options

3Key to controls and connectors1. Set and select preset stations. » Page 62. Cycle through on-screen information. » Page 53. Set and adjust alarm

Seite 14 - Help and specifications

4Dock Adapter number (3, 6-11)Dock Adapter numberiPod 4th generation (colour display)iPod nano 1st generationiPod5th generation (video)iPod nano2nd ge

Seite 15 - Technical Specifications

5Listening to DAB and FMChanging stationsDABFM Press to step down or up 0.05 MHz Press and hold to scan to next or previous stationChanging the info

Seite 16 - Warranty information

6Setting and selecting presetsStore up to 30 DAB and FM radio stations in a combined list for quick access to your favourite stations.To set a preset

Seite 17

72. Press the Source button and repeat to change the audio source to ‘iPod’. Alternatively, press the Play/Pause button on the mini-remote, which will

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