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Seite 1 - Quick start guide

Quick start guideT2, T4

Seite 2 - Power light states

8Using BluetoothFor all customersYou can also use Bluetooth to stream all your Pure Connect content, as well as content from other music services, suc

Seite 3

9Adding another Jongo to your network?Carry out the following steps to add a new Jongo to your network:A. Switch on your new Jongo.B. Press and

Seite 4 - How do I set up my Jongo?

10Warranty informationImagination Technologies Limited warrants to the end user that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmansh

Seite 5 - Connect Jongo to your Wi-Fi

PureImagination Technologies LimitedHome Park EstateKings LangleyHerts, WD4 8LZUnited Kingdomhttp://support.pure.comPureFriedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Straße 2

Seite 6 - For Android customers


Seite 7

Power light states// /Green (steady): Indicates that Jongo is on.Amber (steady): Indicates that Jongo in in sleep. Red (steady): Indicates that Jongo

Seite 8

1Thank you for choosing Jongo T2, T4. This quick start guide will get you up and running in no time. If you need more help setting up your Jongo, you

Seite 9 - Using the Pure Connect app

2How do I set up my Jongo?Already have a Jongo on your network?If you are using the Pure Connect app and have already set up your first Jongo, see page

Seite 10 - Using Bluetooth

3Connect Jongo to your Wi-FiInsert the connector of the supplied mains lead into Jongo (A) and switch Jongo on.When the Power light turns solid green,

Seite 11 - Adding another Jongo to your

4For iOS customersOpen the Wi-Fi settings on your iOS device and select ‘Jongo xxxxxx’ from the list of wireless networks.For Android customersOpen th

Seite 12

5ENFor iOS customersA. When the Power light on the front of your Jongo flashes green and amber, the Jongo setup page will open automatica

Seite 13

6The Wi-Fi settings on your iOS device will open and you will be connected back to your home wireless network.If you want to use the Pure Connect app,

Seite 14

7Using the Pure Connect appFor iOS and Android customersA. Download the Pure Connect app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. If you alrea

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