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Seite 1 - Owner’s manual

Mode PowerMenuDisplayMuteRMT - CDShuffleRepeatReVu/1234567890Select+-Save-/--PowerDisplay MenuReVu ModeCD/DAB/FMOwner’s manualCD-40

Seite 2 - Care instructions

Great Britain8Great Britain9Playing a CDTo listen to a CD push the Mode button until you see CD in the top left of the screen.Push the eject button (

Seite 3 - Table of contents

Great Britain8Great Britain9To create a playlist:1. Turn the Tuning dial and push to set the first track on your playlist.2. Repeat until you have c

Seite 4 - Getting started

Great Britain10Great Britain11Push the Mode button until you see CD in the top left of the screen to listen to a CD with MP3 files stored on it. Legat

Seite 5 - T r a c k 1

Great Britain10Great Britain11To listen to FM radio push the Mode button until you see FM in the top left of the screen. The first time you enter FM m

Seite 6 - Navigating menus

Great Britain12Great Britain13 Changing FM optionsTo customise the way your Legato works in FM mode push the Menu button, select FM and choose from th

Seite 7 - Listening to DAB radio

Great Britain12Great Britain13Listening to another sourceTo listen to an audio source such as MiniDisc player attached to the Aux inputs on your Legat

Seite 8 - Changing DAB options

Great Britain14Great Britain15General setup optionsPush the menu button to access general setup options and alarms. These options are available at all

Seite 9 - D AB M a n u a l T u n e

Great Britain14Great Britain15S/W versionDisplays the current software version installed on your Legato and gives access to the Software Upgrade optio

Seite 10 - Playing a CD

Great Britain16Great Britain17Hints and tips(/) DAB Secondary servicesSecondary services accompany some stations, providing extra information or alter

Seite 11

Great Britain16Great Britain17Amplifier22W RMS per channel power output (into 4 Ohms)15 Hz to 35 kHz frequency responseDynamic Virtual Sub Technology™

Seite 12 - Playing an MP3 CD

Great Britain1Safety instructionsKeep the unit away from heat sources such as radiators, heaters or other appliances that produce heat.Ensure that the

Seite 13 - Listening to FM radio

www.pure.comPURE Digital, Imagination Technologies Ltd., Imagination House, Home Park Estate, Kings Langley, Herts, WD4 8LZ, UK +44 (0) 1923 270188

Seite 14 - Changing FM options

Great Britain1Getting started ... 2Overview diagrams...

Seite 15 - Listening to another source

Great Britain2Great Britain3Overview diagramsThese diagrams show the function of controls, the connectors on the rear panel, the remote control and sc

Seite 16 - General setup options

Great Britain2Great Britain3Mode PowerMenuDisplayMuteRMT - CDShuffleRepeatReVu/1234567890Select+-Save-/--PowerSwitches betweenon and standbyPreset key

Seite 17 - S/W version

Great Britain4Great Britain5Connecting speakersWhen connecting speakers connect the red (positive) terminals on Legato to the red terminals on the spe

Seite 18 - Hints and tips

Great Britain4Great Britain5To listen to DAB radio push the Mode button until you see DAB in the top left of the screen.When you first switch on your

Seite 19 - Technical specifications

Great Britain6Great Britain7When you enter ReVu mode you see the ReVu icon on the screen and a timer shows how many minutes and seconds behind the liv

Seite 20 - .pure.com

Great Britain6Great Britain7Station orderChange the order of stations on your station list using this option. The current order is shown at the top of

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