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Seite 2 - Safety instructions

8Using the remote controlThis section provides information on using the remote control. The infrared remote control provides access to the main functi

Seite 3 - Contents

9Guide to digital radioThis section provides a brief guide to digital radio (DAB), explains how the features of your DRX-701ES provide access to it, a

Seite 4 - Quick start

10TroubleshootingThis section gives some of the most likely solutions to problems you might have with your DRX-701ES and provides instructions for res

Seite 5 - Controls and connectors

11Getting helpThe Troubleshooting section, on page 10 of this manual lists some of the more likely reasons for problems you might have with your DRX-7

Seite 6 - Setting up

12Technical specificationsThis section lists the technical specifications for the DRX-701ES.General Digital radio tuner with full Band III reception c

Seite 7 - Using your DRX-701ES

IndexAAccessories 11Active station 7Addresses 9Advanced setup 7Aerial 2Aerial advice 11AERIAL connector 3, 4Aerial position 7Alphanumeric 7Ap

Seite 8 - Selecting a station

PURE DigitPURE DigitPURE DigitPURE DigitPURE DigitalalalalalImagination Technologies Ltd.,Home Park Estate,Kings Langley, Herts WD4 8LZ, UK +44 (0)192

Seite 9 - Advanced setup options

Safety instructionsKeep the unit away from heat sources.Do not use the unit near water.Avoid objects or liquids getting into the unit.Unplug the power

Seite 10 - Using the remote control

1ContentsIntroduction... 2Unpacking ...

Seite 11 - Guide to digital radio

2DRX-701ES Digital Radio Tuner unit Stereo phono to stereo phono cableTwo AA batteries for the remote control Power cable with moulded UK 3-pin (3A fu

Seite 12 - Troubleshooting

3Controls and connectorsThis section provides information on the controls and connectors available on the front and rear panels of your DRX-701ES.For

Seite 13 - Aerial advice

4Setting upThis section provides information on connecting your DRX-701ES to your hi-fi and connecting your aerial. Before connecting other devices t

Seite 14 - Warranty information

5Switching on and offBefore switching on for the first time, check all connections and ensure that the volume on your amplifier is low.Push the Power

Seite 15

6Changing the display modeThe DRX-701ES has seven display modes which enable you to view different elements of the broadcast data on thebottom line of

Seite 16

7Advanced setup optionsThe DRX-701ES has a number of advanced features which enable you to change the order and number of stations onthe station list,

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