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8Connecting Sensia to your networkTo listen to internet radio, connect to a media player, access Twitter, Weather, RSS Newsreader, Picasa and Facebook

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EN9ENChanging Sensia viewing modesSensia has three main viewing modes, Browse, Play and View. The Browse mode allows you to select sources and browse

Seite 4 - Safety Instructions

10Play modeThe controls in Play mode differ depending on the Source that has been selected. No. Item Description1 Icon Bar Displays the time and icons

Seite 5 - Contents

EN11ENView modeNo. Item Description1 View controls Tap these buttons to change the view (Browse mode, Play mode, and View mode).2 Media Panel Displays

Seite 6 - Getting started

12Listening to digital or FM radioSelecting digital/FM radio1. Tap Source to display the Source menu.2. Tap Digital radio or FM radio.Changing digital

Seite 7 - Controls and connectors

EN13ENSelecting Internet radio1. Tap Source to display the Source menu.2. Tap Pure Connect.Searching for internet stations1. Tap Browse to display the

Seite 8 - Control buttons

14Using Quick JumpTap the Quick Jump icon at the top left of the list panel to open the Quick Jump box. Tap a letter to jump to the first station or

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EN15ENMusic streamingPure Connect’s music streaming service is a cloud-based on-demand subscription service that gives you instant access to millions

Seite 10 - Using the Wi-Fi wizard

16By default the Media Panel will display pictures related to the radio station you are listening to, or artwork related to the track being played. Al

Seite 11 - Changing Sensia viewing modes

EN17ENTo listen to tracks from a media server, ensure that Sensia is in Browse view and carry out the following: 1. Tap Source.2. Tap Network/USB medi

Seite 12 - Play mode

Pure Warranty Statement for AustraliaThis statement replaces any reference to warranty which may be contained elsewhere within this manual.What do you

Seite 13 - View mode

18Recording radio programmesSensia allows you to record live radio from Pure Connect and digital radio. You can either schedule recordings or record i

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EN19ENStreaming from the Pure Connect appDownload the Pure Connect appYou can download the Pure Connect app on your smartphone or tablet from the Appl

Seite 15 - Selecting Internet radio

20Setting alarms and timersSetting an alarmSensia has two alarms. The alarms can tune into a digital or FM radio station, an internet radio station vi

Seite 16 - Using Quick Jump

EN21ENConnect an auxiliary deviceConnect the line out or headphone socket of your auxiliary device to the Aux In socket on your Sensia using a suitabl

Seite 17 - Pure Connect tagging service

22Basic settingsAutotuneYou can use the autotune function to automatically scan for new digital radio stations and remove inactive ones. Note: This se

Seite 18 - Media Panel options

EN23ENAdvanced settingsManual Wi-Fi setup1. Tap Settings.2. Tap Network.3. Tap the icon next to Network type so that is displayed.4. A summary of

Seite 19

24Static IP address configuration1. Enter the IP address that you want to assign to Sensia into the IP Address box.2. Enter the subnet mask that you

Seite 20 - Controlling audio playback

EN25ENUpdating the softwareSoftware update optionsIf an automatic software update is available for Sensia, a message will appear on the screen informi

Seite 21 - Connect app

261. Switch Sensia off and disconnect from the mains power supply.2. Open the battery compartment.3. Position ChargePAK so that the contacts are fa

Seite 22 - Setting alarms and timers

EN27ENTechnical specificationsRadio Digital (DAB/DAB+/DMB-Radio), FM and internet radio (Wi-Fi).Network Wi-Fi: 802.11b and 802.11g supported wi

Seite 23 - Using the auxiliary input

1Thank you for choosing Sensia 200D Connect. This manual will get you up and running in no time, and explains how to make the most of your Sensia 200D

Seite 24 - Basic settings

28Warranty informationImagination Technologies Limited warrants to the end user that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmansh

Seite 25 - Advanced settings

PureImagination Technologies LimitedHome Park EstateKings LangleyHerts, WD4 8LZUnited Kingdomhttp://support.pure.comPureFriedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Straße 2

Seite 26 - Clearing network settings


Seite 27 - Updating the software

21. Read these instructions – All the safetyand operating instructions should be read before this product is operated.2. Keep these instructions – T

Seite 28 - Installing the ChargePAK F1

3Contents4 Getting started4 Introduction4 Network setup4 Touchscreen interface5 Controls and connectors6 Control buttons6 Remote Control7 Switc

Seite 29 - Technical specifications

4IntroductionYou can use Sensia 200D Connect to:• Listen to FM and digital radio.• Listen to music streamed from the Pure Connect app.• Act as a me

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EN5ENControls and connectorsControl buttonsSee page 6DC InConnector for supplied mains power adapter.Aux InConnector for analogue stereo input for MP3

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6 StandbyShort press to put Sensia in sleep mode, which will display the clock.Long press to switch Sensia in/out of standby (the screen will turn of

Seite 32 - 105JP-AU

EN7ENSwitching on Sensia for the first timeNote: If you have a ChargePAK F1 rechargeable battery (sold separately) fit it now before plugging Sensia in.

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