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Seite 2 - Safety instructions

6Connecting to power supplyOnce you have made all other connections, connect the supplied power lead to the socket on the rear of your digital radio a

Seite 3 - Contents

7 Switching on and offBefore switching on for the first time, check all connections, extend your aerial and ensure that the volume is low.Push and rel

Seite 4

8Autotune local - scans all frequencies in the UK channel allocation. This should only take a few seconds.Autotune full - scans the full range of digi

Seite 5 - Introduction

9 Changing the display modeEVOKE-1 Elgar has six display modes which enable you to view parts of the broadcast data on the bottom line of the display

Seite 6 - Unpacking

10Storing and recalling presetsThe numbered buttons (1-6) enable you to store radio stations for one-touch access.To store a stationYou can store a st

Seite 7 - Controls and Connectors

11Advanced setup optionsThe EVOKE-1 Elgar has a number of advanced features which enable you to change the order and number of stations on the station

Seite 8 - Quick start

12Tuning aidThis option provides a signal level display which you can use to find the best position for your radio and aerial.When you select this opt

Seite 9 - Connecting up

13Resetting your EVOKE-1 ElgarA reset option is provided to enable you to reset your unit. This removes all presets, stored stations and favourite sta

Seite 10 - Connecting to headphones

14 Guide to digital radioYour EVOKE-1 Elgar enables you to receive and listen to DAB radio programmes. Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) uses digital sign

Seite 11 - Switching on and off

15Useful addressesThe following addresses provide additional useful information about digital radio including coverage, available services and usage t

Seite 12 - Adjusting the volume

CopyrightCopyright 2003 by Imagination Technologies Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied or distributed, transmitte

Seite 13 - Selecting a station

16TroubleshootingThis section gives some of the most likely solutions to problems you might have with your EVOKE-1 Elgar.I can’t get any soundMake sur

Seite 14 - Storing and recalling presets

17Your EVOKE-1 Elgar is supplied with a telescopic DAB aerial. This is an indoor aerial which is designed to give good re cep tion in areas with good

Seite 15 - Advanced setup options

18 AccessoriesPURE Digital supply a range of accessories and complementary products for your EVOKE-1 Elgar including a matching cherry wood ST-1 auxil

Seite 16 - Tuning aid

19 Technical specificationsThis section lists the technical specifications for the EVOKE-1 Elgar.General Stereo digital radio (stereo output possi

Seite 17 - Resetting your EVOKE-1 Elgar

Please return your registration card to the following address to validate your warranty.PURE DigitalImagination Technologies Ltd.,Home Park Estate,

Seite 18 - Guide to digital radio

ContentsIntroduction ... 1Unpacking... 2Controls and Connectors ...3Quick start

Seite 20 - Troubleshooting

1 IntroductionThank you for choosing the PURE EVOKE-1 Elgar Special Edition digital radio.This owner’s manual provides information on setting up your

Seite 21 - Aerial advice

2 UnpackingThis section lists the contents of your EVOKE-1 Elgar package. Contact us if any items are missing or damaged. EVOKE-1 Elgar digital radio

Seite 22 - Getting help

3 Controls and ConnectorsThis section provides information on the controls and connectors available on the front and rear panels of your EVOKE-1 Elgar

Seite 23 - Technical specifications

4Rear Panel Aerial socket for connection to the supplied telescopic or other aerial Headphone socket (3.5mm) for connection to headphones Aux

Seite 24

5 Connecting upThis section provides information on connecting your aerial, power adapter and other devices. Connector sockets are provided on the re

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